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We at Smiley Kids Newtonpark aim to provide the very best possible start to your child's education through constant research and engaging teaching methods. We strive to give quality education to our children and provide an excellent service to our parents.

As part of the Smiley Kids Early Childhood Development Association we uphold a high standard of education through yearly audits and constant training of our staff.

Smiley Kids Newtonpark is situated at 72 Pickering Street, Newtonpark, Port Elizabeth, 6045.
We offer:
Baby Care: The services our Smiley Kids Baby Care Centre offers, aren't like those associated with a typical (general) creche. We address all the age-appropriate milestones and developmental needs your little one has.

Preschool: By following our daily structured preschool learning program, we enable toddlers to develop on personal, social, and emotional levels. Our areas of development and teaching include Language, Mathematics and Life skills.

Grade R: Our Grade R curriculum provides abundant opportunities for your child to engage in exploration and learning. Continuous and intensive assessments guarantee that each child has the opportunity to progress and accomplish the predetermined learning outcomes.

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