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- What is the educational background and experience of the staff?

By being part of an Association all preschool teachers are trained annually on the Smiley Kids school curriculum. This is called In-House Training. Our Annual School Audits form part of the development of our Teachers.

- Are there active child care opportunities to develop Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills?

Our schools follow a daily routine which is set out by our Toddler Consultants. Active Play is a intergral element of our learning philosophy. We learn through play!

- Do you provide balanced meals?

Yes, we supply 2 main meals (breakfast and lunch) and 2 snacks. Our Babies follow a balanced menu which was developed by a dietitian, to ensure that your baby receives the correct nutritional intake. It is important to take note that the Toddler and Grade R menus may differ from school to school. Please ask the preschool where you wish to enrol your child for their school menu.

- Is potty training required?

Our baby care facilities assist with potty training when the child shows signs that he/she is ready. We believe that the preferred age to potty train is 2 years of age. Our school teachers are well trained in assisting you as a parent to identify whether your child is ready for this big step in their development.

- How is discipline handled?

No form of corporal punishment is allowed in any of our schools. We discipline children by positive reinforcement and by following a set routine daily

- What is the recommended teacher to child ratio?

Our ratios are as follows:
- Baby Care 3-18 months: 1 Teacher to 6 Babies
- Baby Care 18-36 months: 1 Teacher to 12 Babies
- Toddler Classes 3-4 year and 4-5 year: 1 Teacher for 24 Children
- Grade R: 1 Teacher to 24 children

- How safe is my child?

We have very strict child care standards that are aligned with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our school teachers are trained in CPR, First Aid and Fire Fighting. We have excellent hygiene systems in place in our schools. Most of our schools also offer CCTV cameras as an added service. Our schools do their very best to ensure the safety of all Smiley Kids children with consideration to the POPIA act.

- Is there an open door policy for parents?

Our parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. Our doors are always open.

- Can I schedule a tour of a school?

Please contact the school directly, they will be more than willing to arrange a tour of the school.

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