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By following our daily structured preschool learning program, we enable toddlers to develop on personal, social, and emotional levels  - holistically. Our areas of development and teaching include Language, Mathematics and Life skills.

Assessment system
Our continuous preschool assessment system enables a preschool teacher to see where the child needs more stimulation to achieve the set outcomes.

Quality Assurance Management
Annually, quality audits are done at each of our Smiley Kids preschools to ensure that a high standard of education, as well as sound business practices, are being implemented to add value to the community they serve as a preschool.

Smiley Kids Slogan


The early morning preschool register activity focuses on instilling the belief that everyone matters, fostering confidence, and building self-esteem for each preschool child. During this activity, we create an inclusive and supportive environment where each child's presence is acknowledged and celebrated.


Increasing preschool learning opportunities with knowledge of different exciting themes in a way preschoolers understand.


As a Christian school and organisation, we believe in instilling Christian values from a young age, ensuring that children are exposed to the principles and teachings of being a Christian.


Poetry can be a fun and engaging way for pre-schoolers to explore language, rhythm, and creativity. It sparks their imagination, encourages a love for literature, and cultivates a deeper appreciation for the power of words. By incorporating poetry into the preschool curriculum, we promote cognitive development, vocabulary expansion, and the development of confidence in our young learners.


In our preschool program, we introduce mathematical skills in a sequential manner, starting with concrete experiences and gradually moving towards semi-concrete and abstract concepts. This approach ensures that children develop a strong foundation of mathematical understanding and problem-solving abilities.


At our preschool, we prioritize the strengthening of communication, language development, attention span, and listening skills as crucial components of our daily learning activities. These areas are fundamental to a child's overall development and serve as building blocks for future academic and social success.

Gross Motor

Developing the large muscles of our preschool children is especially important, covering all different learning aspects to ensure full development.



We pride ourselves in having a specifically developed music program which offers numerous benefits for our children's development and learning e.g. It enhances language skills by exposing children to rhythm, rhyme and vocabulary. Singing songs and participating in musical activities help develop phonological awareness. Emotional expression, social skills, creative thinking and expression.


Art lessons allow our preschool children to express their feelings and emotions in a creative way.
Art incorporates many of the aspects of the preschool curriculum: listening, following instructions, time management, fine motor skills, creativity, social skills, science, etc are all part of the preschool learning outcomes addressed daily.

Coding & Robotics

Smiley Kids' program introduces coding and robotics to our Gr R and RR learners, fostering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills through a non-screen, learn-through-play approach. The curriculum focuses on planning, communication, problem-solving, and language skills, which are consolidated through practical coding and robot-building activities. This hands-on approach helps learners understand how these skills are applied in real-world situations, preparing them for a future that relies on technology and innovation.

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