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Baby Care
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Smiley Kids Baby Care

At Smiley Kids Baby Care, we stand out from typical creches. Our baby classes are thoughtfully divided into two sections: Junior Baby and Senior Baby classes. What sets us apart is our unique baby stimulation program, carefully crafted for each class. Developed in 2002 in collaboration with an occupational therapist, this program effectively addresses all the essential milestones and developmental needs of your precious little one.

Each baby nursery has trained staff that stimulate babies daily and do baby massaging to assist with muscle and physical development of your little one.

We pride ourselves in making sure that all staff are kept up to date with regular training to ensure the best baby care. Our ratio of carers to babies ensures personal attention to each baby.

Our baby menu is delectable, carefully curated by a dedicated nutritionist with your little one in mind. At our preschool, we take pride in providing mouth-watering meals that cater to their nutritional needs. Additionally, our comprehensive program guarantees termly feedback on your baby's progress, highlighting areas of focus to ensure their optimal development. We prioritize keeping you informed and involved in your baby's growth every step of the way.

Smiley Kids Slogan

Brain Development

The baby care program we offer is meticulously designed to foster holistic development through a variety of learning experiences, encompassing Kinaesthetic, Visual, and Auditory modalities. By incorporating these different sensory approaches, we aim to provide a well-rounded and engaging environment that supports your baby's growth and development in a comprehensive manner. Our program embraces various activities and stimuli to stimulate their senses and promote learning in a multi-dimensional way.

Optimal Learning

In our Smiley Kids preschools, we prioritize daily stimulation exercises that are specifically designed to help form neural pathways for essential skills.

Baby Massaging

Through the practice of daily baby massages, we aim to stimulate the central nervous system of your little one, resulting in a range of benefits. Massage has been shown to help babies relax and feel more comfortable in their surroundings.


We prioritize the development of grasp and fine motor skills in our baby care program to ensure that your child reaches their developmental milestones. We achieve this through well-planned gross motor games,  Perceptual activities, and baby aerobics.


Every day, we dedicate our focus to sensory development by introducing carefully planned activities tailored to your baby's needs. Our program incorporates a variety of sensory experiences to stimulate their senses and promote their overall development.

Physical Care

We provide the best care for your baby by using hand and surface sanitizers as well as disposable gloves and face masks.


As a Christian school and organisation, we believe in instilling Christian values from a young age, ensuring that children are exposed to the principles and teachings of being a Christian.

Motor Skills

Gross motor development serves as a fundamental foundation for the development of math and literacy skills, ensuring that your baby grows holistically.

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