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Smiley Kids Early Childhood Development Association consists of several individually owned preschools across South Africa. All of our Smiley Kids preschools operate from a foundation of deep-rooted Christian values.

We distinguish ourselves from the multitude of preschools, nursery schools, pre-primary schools and creches by setting a higher benchmark. As an educational facility we provide comprehensive early childhood development and deliver the quality education you would anticipate from a fully operational school.

The Smiley Kids Baby Care program was developed in 2002 in cooperation with an occupational therapist. The focus points are brain stimulation, development through daily exercises and baby massaging.

Learning through play forms the basis of our Pre-school programme. By following our daily programme each child develops holistically.

Our primary emphasis lies in establishing kinaesthetic learning concepts in Grade R by creating abundant opportunities for exploration and learning through the utilization of muscles, senses and gross motor skills.

We render Aftercare service to learners from the surrounding primary schools. Contact us today to find out which of our Smiley Kids preschool branches near you have this fantastic facility available.

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