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Grade R
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Smiley Kids Grade R

Our child care programme focus on kinaesthetic establishment of Grade R learning concepts through creating ample opportunities to explore and learn through using motor skills, senses and perception. We encourage learning through play. Our Grade R daily programme ensure the child develops holistically.

Grade R Assessment system
Grade R Assessments are done continuously and intensively to ensure that every child can grow and achieve the set outcomes.

At the start of each year, we conduct a comprehensive screening process for every child in our program. This screening is designed to assess their current capabilities and determine their individual strengths and areas for growth. The purpose of this screening is to provide valuable information to our teachers, enabling them to tailor their instruction and support to each child's unique needs.

Quality Assurance Management

  • Annually, quality audits are done at each of our Smiley Kids preschools to ensure that a high standard of education, as well as sound business practices, are being implemented to add value to the community they serve as a preschool.
  • Through constant research and development we create an enticing learning atmosphere and a nurturing environment for your child to develop and thrive.


Smiley Kids Slogan


The early morning preschool register activity focuses on instilling the belief that everyone matters, fostering confidence, and building self-esteem for each preschool child. During this activity, we create an inclusive and supportive environment where each child's presence is acknowledged and celebrated.


By incorporating a variety of themes into our preschool curriculum, we create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that stimulates children's curiosity, expands their knowledge base, and encourages them to explore the world around them.


As a Christian school and organisation, we believe in instilling Christian values from a young age, ensuring that children are exposed to the principles and teachings of being a Christian.


Poetry can be a fun and engaging way for pre-schoolers to explore language, rhythm, and creativity. It sparks their imagination, encourages a love for literature, and cultivates a deeper appreciation for the power of words. By incorporating poetry into the preschool curriculum, we promote cognitive development, vocabulary expansion, and the development of confidence in our young learners.


We follow a daily routine which is set out by our Toddler Consultants. Active Play is an integral element of our Grade R learning philosophy. We learn through play!


At our preschool, we prioritize the strengthening of communication, language development, attention span, and listening skills as crucial components of our daily learning activities. These areas are fundamental to a child's overall development and serve as building blocks for future academic and social success.

Gross Motor

Developing the large muscles of a child is crucial for their overall development, and we place great importance on addressing all aspects to ensure comprehensive growth.


We pride ourselves in having a specifically developed music program which offers numerous benefits for our children's development and learning e.g. It enhances language skills by exposing children to rhythm, rhyme, and vocabulary. Singing songs and participating in musical activities help develop phonological awareness. Emotional expression,social skills,creative thinking and expression.


Grade R Art lessons allow a child to express their feelings and emotions in a creative way.
Art incorporates many of the aspects of the childcare curriculum- listening, following instructions, time management, fine motor skills, creativity, social skills, science, etc.


Phonics instruction focuses on the relationship between sounds and letters, helping children understand the basic building blocks of reading and language.


At our preschool, we place a strong emphasis on developing fine motor skills, fostering proper pencil grip, and encouraging correct letter formation.

Coding & Robotics

The learning through play approach for Coding and Robotics which we have included in our learning program as of 2023, is not just fun, it is informative and educational, and it allows learning to take place through practical experience with our adorable robots. Teaching the Grade R leaners how to code and problem solve at the same time.

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